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Translation Requests

To receive a time and cost estimate, please e-mail us a copy of your documents along with any information about your translation requirements.

For certified translations, you may e-mail us a scanned copy or a photo of your document. Also, please indicate which organization has requested the translation. Some organizations may have specific requirements for how the translation should be certified.


  1. After we receive your request, we will review your document and e-mail you a time and cost estimate. The cost and delivery date will depend on the content, legibility and formatting requirements of the document.
  2. Once you accept the terms of the contract, we will translate your document, proofread the translation and have it ready for you on the agreed-upon date.
  3. Your translations and glossaries will be kept on file to maintain consistent terminology in future documents. Any information you submit to us will be treated with confidentiality.

Method of Delivery

We generally receive and deliver documents by e-mail.

Please note that certified translations cannot be delivered by e-mail. However, arrangements can be made to send the translations to you by regular or registered mail.